Close To Home – Momentum album review

Momentum is the third full length release (second on Artery Recordings record label) by the band Close To Home. The band is often described as a Post-Hardcore, and if you aren’t sure exactly what that means, I would more simply describe them as Emo/Death-Metal, and if you aren’t sure exactly what that means, then let’s just call it whiny lyrics combined with with grunting noises.

It sounds like Close To Home is a young heavy-rock band trying to find their way, unfortunately they’ve already been on the scene for almost ten years. Their tracks lack depth (with titles like “Don’t Waste Your Breath” and “Hanging Onto Nothing”) and their lyrics seem to be stolen from a tween’s journal after he’s been dumped and locked himself in his bedroom (take for example the lyrics “with friends like you, who needs an enemy, just let me be…” from cleverly titled track “Backstabbers Need Not Apply.”) My best guess as to where the band went wrong is that they are trying to write music that was cool when they started ten years ago and are only now hitting their stride, and haven’t actually matured with the times.

If your friend told you to check these guys out because they are right up your ally, then I would say either find yourself a new ally or save your time and listen to an album from the era of this music, like Thursday’s 2003 album “War All The Time.” Nice try CTH… better luck next time.

By Chris Bretecher

I am a traveler, music écouteur, designer, and builder of things I design (see previous trait). When not traveling, I am listening to music, designing, and building things I design (see previous activity).

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