Bleak Falls – Another Rainy Day EP review

Bleak Falls has the potential to become sought after musicians within the category screamo and hardcore punk. Their newest release entitled Another Rainy Day proves evident that they are headed in the right direction, regardless of the minor slip-ups their sound might pose to long time followers of the genre.

The EP is consistent, which is convenient for listeners because at least they will know that Bleak Falls knows who they are, or rather what they should sound like. Then again, this is perhaps the band’s biggest downfall. They seem to be trying too hard to sound like every other major label rockers, which hinders their image far more than it helps it. Consistency can get old really fast, and who wants to hear another band shout about the same opinions on love, hate and anger when there is hardly any climactic pinnacle to separate the music from the noise.

Nevertheless the EP does verify that the guys of Bleak Falls know how to play their instruments well. There are some good melodies (“Chapter 18” isn’t terrible) but very little riffs or hooks that actually make their tunes catchy. There is really nothing that differentiates any of the tracks, leaving the album to sound like one continuous stream of noise.

Another Rainy Day might not be exactly what listeners of hardcore rock or punk are looking for but it might be a good place to start for those getting into the genre because it doesn’t really overwhelm – it also makes decent background music for a party filled with less seasoned head bangers.

By Teresa Di Matteo

Teresa is a writer and musician studying journalism in Toronto

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