Cathedrals and Cars – Control is Not Perfection album review

This is a review for the album “Control Is Not Perfection” by the relatively unheard of band Cathedrals and Cars. After listening to the fist song, I was a little scared that this was going to be an all instrumental album (which I am not against if they are done well, but it has been my experience that the good ones are few and far between). Once the vocals do kick in however, (half-way through the second track) we really start to get a feel for the band and their attitude, which is decidedly folk (you can even hear a little Dylan or Jim James coming through in some of the songs).

I have to give it to the band, they really manage to carve out their own sound even from such an over-borrowed genre. However, they do take the majority of the album to do this and they rarely sway from their recipe of light acoustic folk, which can get a littler dreary and drawn out by the end of the album. There is one upbeat song towards the end, “Refusal” which only makes you think it’s a shame there isn’t any more like this. Cathedrals and Cars definitely comes across as pretty mellow, which will probably serve them well while they wait around for some radio play. In the end I’d say they do have some potential but I imagine they won’t be selling out any major venues until at least the next album release.

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