The Sensitive Drunks – Hill and Hay album review

I’ve been listening to a lot of indie rock/pop as of late, and not just because half of the albums I review on here are contained within this genre. No, I’ve been willingly turning to Sirius XM U on my radio dial, and leaving it there for all kilometres I’ve traveled lately. I’m not tired of it, but I’m sick of bands being so generic with their tunes. Liven it up a bit, perhaps? Keep me interested? Sound different? The Sensitive Drunks need to be rescued from Generic Island with Hill and Hay.

Perth, Australia indie group have put out something that sounds like a hybrid of The Beach Boys, Arctic Monkeys, and a touch of Two Door Cinema Club. Funny, because I like all of the bands individually, but together, it’s rather bland. “There She Goes” opens the record with a sound you’ve heard a million times before, simple lyrics, and that tinge of Australian accent. Luckily, it’s short lived, as is the rest of the album. Only two of the twelve tracks go past the three minute mark. You’ve got the cliched mostly-acoustic-sing-along of “What’s Left of the Morning?” and the pumped up, albeit short “Courtney Love, Not War,” which is a title I’d expect from a screamo band. “Fireworks” sounds like something I could write with minimal effort, and despite it’s “fun” feeling, it leaves a bitter taste in my ears. Or maybe that’s just earwax…

If there’s one thing that really needs to be fixed, it’s definitely the constantly harmonized vocals. The group’s Seb and Dave never stop singing together, and it just makes for echoed voices clashing back and forth. We’ve heard it before at our local venues, guys. And you know what? It just doesn’t sound good. I’d rather have a single stand out voice than you guys backing each other up throughout the entire album. I’d like “A Boy Named Theresa” a lot more if there was just one man stealing the show. Instead, we’ve got two men sharing the spotlight in aching harmony. The song has elements in the chorus that make it extremely catchy, too! It’s a damn shame that it’s tainted.

Hey, so, The Sensitive Drunks. You accomplished something here – you made a generic indie rock album, which is something I could not do because I can’t play any instruments due to my lack of hand-eye coordination. However, it’s not something I dig, and I really can’t get over the whole “let’s always sing together” thing. I’m sending out a search party to save you guys from Generic Island, off the coast of Indie Rock Land, as soon as I can. Start up those smoke signals while you’ve still got matches.

By Jake Mullan

I go to a lot of shows. I listen to a lot of music. I write. I take pictures. Y'know, that kind of stuff.

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