Cement Stars – Geometrics album review

While Cement Stars just released their latest album Form and Temper a few months ago, the re-release of their first album Geometrics treats listeners to a dream pop indie rock sound with a modern twist.

Brothers Shaun and Bryan Olson—originally from Chicago but based in North Carolina—formed Cement Stars in 2006, the result of a lo-fi project with individual and collaborative songwriting. In 2009, the band released their first album Geometrics after working with producer Paul Jensen. Since then, the band has become a quintet, with percussionist Cody Hare (no longer a member as of March 2011) and guitarist Joshua Faggart joining in late 2009, as well as background vocalist Enid Valu and bass player Kurt Dodrill joining in 2011. The band’s mix of indie rock and new wave/experimental sound would reach the Electric Mountain Music Group label, culminating in the band signing with them in late 2011. Other album releases include Small Seas in 2011 and Form and Temper in 2012.

The August 7th, 2012 re-release of Geometrics by Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings is a limited-time opportunity to get a copy of the band’s first album. Its ten tracks are a medley of modern rock and 80’s dream pop-inspired tunes. “Ringing” starts off the auditory experience with an intensely alluring new wave sound while tracks like “City Snow” and “It’s Too Late” are of the delightfully laid-back acoustic variety. “We’re All Gonna Get Our Way” is the album’s most standout track, thanks to its semi-eerie piano and synthpop-infused sound. While it may be possible to note limited lyrics on occasion, it’s to give full reign to the band’s instrumental talents.

Geometrics will delight fans of artists such as Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead. Lead vocalist Bryan Olson’s alluring voice—somewhat reminiscent of Ian Brown’s of The Stone Roses—is very well an added bonus.

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