Blood Red Shoes – In Times To Voices album review

Blood Red Shoes is the type of band you can only describe in terms of other artists. Oh, this is the song that sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This is the XX one. This is them doing the Pixies. And so on.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Those are all good bands. If your music sounds like that, you’re probably doing something right. Many of the songs on In Time to Voices — the third full length by the duo from Brighton — are good, fun, and cool sounding. Having no cemented identity means you’re free to jump around between genres and atmospheres, and BRS takes eager advantage of the opportunity. On three consecutive tracks, they handle haunting folk (“Night Light”), distorted punk (“Je Me Perds”), and standard alternative pop (“Stop Kicking”) with equal grace. They are a talented pair, and some of the songs really hit home.

Still, the material as a whole is hard to connect with and care much about. This is music that is featured in movie soundtracks because it sounds edgy and different but really isn’t. It’s just a watered-down, broader version of better and more concentrated artistic voices. Again, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Blood Red Shoes is a good band. But they are nobody’s favorite band. Somewhere between those things lies some decent enough music. If you’re into that sort of thing, this is an album for you.

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