Tell Me That You Want Me – A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac album review

Fleetwood Mac is simply Fleetwood Mac. Rumours is one of the greatest albums put together and there is a reason why it is one of the best-selling ever. With that said, the only way to truly do a tribute album to a band that is as iconic as Fleetwood Mac is, is to go do a complete 180 with the artists and their renditions. Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute Album to Fleetwood Mac does just that with its great mixture of artists, taken from all types of genres who pay great tribute to this band while making these songs sound new and fresh.

My only real qualm with the album, and before you say anything yes I knew it was going to be on here, but “Landslide” has been covered much better by both The Smashing Pumpkins and The Dixie Chicks (I know, but it is true).

One of the standouts has to be “Oh Well” played to perfection by Billy Gibbons and Company, who brings his distinct Southern drawl and slows down an already slowed, bluesy standout. Great tributes take a song from one genre and make it seem effortless the way it weaves into another genre, and this song is the epitome of that thought. From MGMT’s psychedelic cover of “Future Games” to one of my new favorite bands The Kills cover of “Dreams” the songs on this album give the listener exactly what he or she needs. It entertains, transforms, and makes you fall in love again or for the first time with one of the great classic bands of yesterday.

Tribute albums can be the best thing in the world if done right. One thing it does is change those songs you have heard hundreds of times and makes you love it again with a new sound. They aren’t meant to be better or to replace the original, but only to revere and educate. Covers done right can be the best things in music, because it gives you two new songs to listen to, and that isn’t bad.

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