Drop Dead Pin-Ups – Electric Nights album review

The title for the most youthful sounding band goes to the Toronto based rock and rollers of Drop Dead Pin-Ups.

Fusing together the energy of punk music and the classic vibes of rock n’ roll, Drop Dead Pin-Ups (DDP) has managed to put the aggression back into the indie music scene. By turning up the distortion on their amps and drumming just a little bit faster, they’ve given us back the sound of our youth that has constantly been overshadowed by the growth of synth, and techno beats.

Their album, Electric Nights, puts a spin on classic rockabilly by giving it a bit of life with thrashing guitars and grungy vocals. Using simple melodies and catchy hooks, DDP has made it incredibly easy to get every one of their songs stuck in your head. And regardless of the fact that the lyrics are a little difficult to understand, the album has an appeal to it reminiscent of the Ramones in that tunes are so memorable on their own (and you’ll probably be too busy shaking it to sing along anyway).

What these guys give us is that gritty, unadulterated rock that got lost somewhere between glam and pop and reintroduces us to that old-fashioned rock n roll. They give us back that feeling of recklessness and invincibility that comes with being young and carefree. They remind us of the time when our biggest worry was making it home before the street lights came on. But what they really give us is an escape from the methodical world and a chance to dance our stress away (the way the kids used to, when rock n’ roll was new and still scared the adults).

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