Sink Ships – Half the Boy EP review

This assignment is why I write music reviews. This is what excites me. Finding a release, out of the blue, that makes sense in its own right. Sink Ships’ “Half the Boy” EP is what country should sound like. It’s not about chicks that drink whisky and smile at you across the dancefloor, it’s not about Texas or trucks, but it’s exactly what country should sound like in this day and age. As a matter of fact, the EP was recorded in Denmark by two Australians (cast Keith Urban out of your mind, please), a Swede and a Dane. It has hallmarks of country, like the wistfulness and homesickness – overall regret of loss – without being bombastic and, dare I say, American, about it.

And yet, you can’t deny its very central tenets are found within Americana. Singer Carl Coleman has youth in his voice with the age of the experienced, particularly on the final track “Roaming”: when his voice cracks you can’t help but choke up just a little bit. Even from the outset, you can tell right away that this is going to be an emotional ride – “On My Way” makes you remember your first girlfriend somehow.

It doesn’t make sense to examine this release song by song as is my usual custom, for two reasons: there’s only 6 tracks, and the total run time is just over 20 minutes. It’s really not much of a commitment to listen to, and you won’t regret it. For a group that hasn’t a single Yankee involved, it fits right in with some of the great, classic country music.

By Aaron Peart

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