thenewno2 – thefearofmissingout album review

Front man Dhani Harrison (son of Beatles guitarist George Harrison) and band mate Paul Hicks (son of the Hollies’ Tony Hicks) have yet again proved their musical prowess with the release of their second studio album thefearofmissingout.

Performing under the name thenewno2 (pronounced The New Number Two) Harrison, Hicks and band have created a unique sound that fuses together several genres and styles of music including alternative rock, electro rock, psych, reggae and indie rock (to name a few).

Although fans and critics have found it a little difficult to narrow the list down, thenewno2 seems to be enjoying the mystery as well as the opportunity to not have to be tied down to a certain sound, giving them the freedom to mix and match the strangest combinations of music.

Though the band has gone a little more experimental with electronic and sampled sounds, they have worked carefully to create something that does not sound too overwhelming, but that stands out in the interest of modern taste. However what ultimately adds that little bit of texture to their tunes is Harrison’s voice – and it’s definitely not electronic.

With thefearofmissingout we see this unusual combination of genres come to life in songs like “Make It Home”, which opens up with a catchy piano hook and trails off into a psychedelic wave as Harrison’s hypnotic voice chimes in. The lyrics describe the need that we all have to conclude our day in (and make it back to) the place that we call home. The overall concept of the album is about a person’s obsessive fear of missing out and how it effects our lives, whether its missing a certain status update or night out with friends.

By Teresa Di Matteo

Teresa is a writer and musician studying journalism in Toronto

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