I’m Not A Band – BANDBAND album review

Following the release of their debut album Elecetrolin and EP What We Do, the Berlin duo I’m Not A Band released their latest album BAND BAND after touring last summer.

Playing with a vigor that concentrates heavily on catchy dance beats, Stephan Jung and Kassandra Papak will likely be having you tap your fingers and toes to the beat, and eventually dancing around the room.

Though their tunes are primarily based around electronic arrangements, there are elements that come from a more organic place, such as violins being quietly plucked in the background and hints of classical melodies chiming in in a subtle undertone. However there most certainly is a creative edge to what I’m Not A Band is producing, what with mixing together almost every electronic sound there is to be heard (ultimately resulting in songs that tend to be quite repetitive, to the point where every track could mash up well to form one long song).

Despite the fact that BAND BAND is comprised of a track list that is not exactly out of the ordinary for listeners of electronic music, the album does possess the right sound to gain a large mainstream following, because it is consistent (and a little predictable).

Nevertheless, I’m Not A Band is still quite eclectic enough to get the attention of  indie and underground music fans, and make them hesitant to let this twosome leak out into the mainstream before they have their way with them.

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