Cat Power – Sun album review

Cat Power.  That is a name that means something to me.  Despite my multi decade exile in the hinterlands of metal, I have heard of this person.  Maybe in a profile in the New Yorker or the Times?  Somehow I got the impression that this is the highbrow rock music of the day for the coastal set.  Beyond this vague impression I come to this album with no expectations, no ideas about what sound will come out of my speakers.  Hearing it made me think that those big record executives everybody hates can actually be a force for creative good.  This record suffers for lack of one.

“Everybody in Detroit was so worried about trying to decide what was cool, in Nashville they just care about whether it’s a hit.  And that is something I can understand.”  I remember reading Jack White saying that in an interview.  And if he didn’t say it he should have because it encapsulates so much of what I think about music.  This brings us to Cat Power and the Record Executive.   “Sun” could have been a monster pop rock record.  Nearly every song has that potential.  I wish a Money Man had walked into the recording session and made the producer turn up the commerciality about 3 ½ notches.

  1.  Thicker Sound.
  2. Tighten up the songwriting a little.  Not a lot but a little.  Think hooks people.
  3. Get rid of that weird dubstep noise section on “Silent Machine”.  It doesn’t become you.  You’re New York Sheryl Crow not a Female Skrillex.  And that’s a good thing.
  4. That 11 minute song “Nothing But Time”?  Is the length some play on the name?  Whatever it is, cut 8 minutes of it.  Maybe cut the whole thing.  We’ll release it as a bonus track in Japan.
  5. Buy a decent drum machine fer chrissakes.


But we did not get that record.  We got the demos for that record that could have been.  Good demos for a great album. 

There is the possibility Ms. Power Doesn’t want to be New York Sheryl Crow.  I can appreciate that.  But why not be a superstar Cat Power?

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