The Raveonettes – Observator album review

The best song on the Raveonette’s Observator is the very last. That song, “Till the End,” is the only one on the album that has a solid sound all of it’s own. The songs before have a clear style and succeed at what they are doing, but “Till the End” soars. “Till the End” takes the dark and gloomy sounds the album has been playing on and helps them grow. It should be the single.

That out of the way, there are eight other songs on Observator that should be addressed too. The album opens with “Young and Cold,” which sounds more like a Best Coast or Girls song than something by the Raveonette’s. That isn’t to say it’s a bad song; just not what you might be hoping for on a Raveonette’s album. “Curse the Night,” track three has an xx-esque rhythm and haunting vocals. There is a cool contrast between the dark sound of the song and the simple and almost childish rhyming. Another highlight is  “She Own’s the Street” is a cheery break from an otherwise shadowy album. It could be a bit more lyrically developed (18 of the first 32 lines are about how “she is dancing in the street”) but as a whole is a nice break near the end of an otherwise wholly dark work.

It’s hard to put a pin on exactly what cases Observator to fall short as an album. It is more a matter of not doing anything incredible than doing something bad and because of that, I’d still suggest you give it a listen. Just be aware that you might have to wait “Till the End” to hear anything spectacular.

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