Matt Mays – Coyote Work album review

Matt Mays returns with his signature folk rock style on Coyote. Both driven and heartfelt, Mays is evocative of the animal that shares the album title: on his own time, roaming, answering to nobody. In fact, his press release explains Matt “(has) been making new music at his pace and doing things the way he wants to do them”. If that doesn’t sound like the Coyote Spirit, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better example.

If you need a little nudge to take that road trip before the winter descends, you can’t do much better than this as a soundtrack. Indio kicks the whole thing off with lyrics like “Run, you are free”… and if that doesn’t get your feet moving south, “Ain’t that the Truth” will at least get them moving, be it dancing, going for a run what have you. It’s motivational, and has “Hit Single” written all over it. Meanwhile, “Loveless” is just down home enough to pull in the listener for another tender listen. Rochambo even has touches of dub reggae, and the total direction change in Madre Padre would even get a nod from James Brown himself. “Queen of Portland Street” is the perfect song for the perfect moment; maybe you’re at a barbecue, or in a bar with friends, and you look around and think to yourself “I wouldn’t change a single thing about right now”. Finally, this link reveals a live version of the album closer, the arrestingly beautiful Chase the Light. He has an accompanying Canadian tour (playing Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom Oct. 24th) if you like what you heard.

These are just a few examples that prove Mays’ talent is all encompassing, resulting in a well-rounded album in Coyote. His ability to pull at the heartstrings just enough to make you feel makes for a highly enjoyable listen.

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