Dragonette – Body Parts album review

Dragonette had me at Hello, literally! That was the first song I had ever heard from her and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty catchy and had me hooked. I’m not really much into electropop, but Dragonette’s vivacious pop sound always makes me feel like jumping wildly.

Her new album, Bodyparts is much like her other albums, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually works very well for her genre of music. Her music focuses mostly on the party scene. You don’t want to hear a slow dance song on this album; you want to hear a song that’s going to make you pump your fist hard!

Songs like, “Let it Go,” “My Work is Done,” have that nice fist pumping sound with busy beats. Whereas songs like “Right Woman,” “Rocket Ship,” “Untouchable,” has more of a mellow tone, but still has that headnodic feel that is usually associated with electropop music.

Dragonette is still a fairly new band, but have definitely improved my feelings towards electronic music with their house roots, rock influences, and catchy hooks. I give Bodyparts two thumbs up!

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