Sera Cahoone – Deer Creek Canyon album review

Let’s get out of here a while, I’m counting down every mile, suggests Sera Cahoone in “Oh My.” But you won’t need to wait until the last track to realize that you’ve long been lured into her charming indie rock country-western Deer Creek Canyon with little desire of coming out anytime soon.

The Littleton, Colorado native traces her love of music back to her younger years, when she learned to play drums at 11 years of age. Her move to Seattle in ‘98 would lead her to drum for band Carrisa’s Wierd, Betsy Olson, Band of Horses, and singer-songwriter Patrick Park. In 2006, her self-titled solo debut was released, with the praiseworthy Only as the Day Is Long following in 2008. Her blend of country-western, indie rock and lo-fi music makes for a moving, genuine Americana-based experience.

Deer Creek Canyon—the singer’s third album—was released on September 25th, 2012 on Sup Pop Records. Recorded in Washington and Los Angeles, the album was co-produced with Thom Monahan and includes performances by her live band. The spellbinding indie rock country-western tunes channel themes like love, relationships, home and the need for change. From the title track’s autobiographical undertones—the canyon being where Sera grew up and where her mom still resides—to “Oh My”‘s longing for escape, there’s an ever-present yearning and search for home. Just as challenging is the ever-present complicated nature of love; its bittersweet longing effect explored in tracks such as “And Still We Move” and the slow, lyrically seductive “Here With Me.” “Any Way You Like” stands out with its peculiar vibe; its violin bridge adding intense layers to its romantic yet cautionary tone.

With its simple yet moving acoustics set to Sera’s soft, soothing voice to wrap you up like a warm blanket, Deer Creek Canyon is simply irresistible. Amidst the chaos of life and its constant emotions, a sense of purity and innocence abounds. And what more appropriate setting for purity than verdant grounds—fitting metaphor indeed.

You’ll waste the rest of your days if you worry all your life, she says in “Worry All Your Life.”
Truthful words, and truly one can be nothing less than relaxed and—dare I say happy and right at home—as they get whisked away to her naturally rich and beautiful Deer Creek Canyon.

By Natacha Pavlov

Natacha Pavlov is an avid reader, writer, and traveler. Aside from eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate from her native Belgium, she can be found consuming large quantities of tea, falafel and lebneh in the lovely Bay Area.

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