She Does is Magic – My Height in Heels album review

She Does Is Magic’s newest release “My Height in Heels” brings about a feeling of nostalgia for summers spent carousing brightly lit boulevards and pining for a girl that seemed to slip away far too quickly. With a gentle beginning, the notes soon rise to a climactic mixture of clean guitar riffs and steady drums that epitomize sanguine drives with the windows down, the sun shining on a world of promising adventure. The optimistic reverberation of the entire album leaves the listener with an everlasting smile and indescribable euphoria. Frontman Chad Serhal scatters genuine buoyancy with his lyrical precision across the record, lacing instrumental tracks charmingly alongside harmonious vocal productions.

“My Height in Heels” creates a melodic vibe with bonafide instrumental proficiency that overlays an effervescent tone, displaying She Does is Magic as an talented, energetic group capable of producing inspiring work for years to come. Nathan Dynak’s drumbeats humbly drive the rhythm of SDIM’s newest creation. While progressing powerfully throughout the tracks, Dynak seems to distribute perfectly-timed movement in a nearly unnoticeable fashion.

After a few listens to the songs, one picks up on the fact that they have been focusing immensely on the upbeat lyrics and guitar, overlooking the toe that has been tapping along with to the beat the entire time. “My Height in Heels” is an astonishingly remarkable release from an underrated group that is truly deserving of widespread success.

By Nathanael Hall

Nayte is a second year Journalism student living in Nashville scouring the city for unsigned acts with every moment of his spare time.

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