Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber album review

Melody Prochet of My Bee’s Garden has truly found her niche with her solo debut of “Melody’s Echo Chamber.” Provocative lyricism slides nimbly among a jungle of obscure sounds that send the listener into a world of imaginative creation. Produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, the psychedelic rock group based in Perth, Australia, the album brings about a sense of progressive exploration for Prochet. Exploring new fields of untouched ranged, “Melody’s Echo Chamber” soars through an infinite world of pop music that redefines Prochet’s previously clean-cut, bubblegum mold, displaying a new and proficient form of art for the French pop star.

The record lies on the barrier of edgy and cute, distracting the listener with upbeat rhythms and penciling in frighteningly dark lyrics that, once you realize what it is you just heard, leaves a conflicting feeling resonating in the bones. Songs such as “Snowcapped Andes Crash” come to mind, this track being an upbeat cacophony of dreamy sounds painting a portrait of a mountain-top escapade that is happy-go-lucky until the words drop alongside the ending spiral of feux-missiles being dropped from oncoming aircraft ripping apart the scenery, as the realization comes that the production is surrounding a plane-crash that results in cannibalism for the survivors. “Melody’s Echo Chamber” is unquestionably revolutionary in the world of synthesized lyricism processed through a team of editors, bringing about a collection of songs that drop the audience into a loss of expectations, showing anything to be possible, leaving no ground untouched.

Though the English listeners may have difficulty translating the partially French lyrics, it leaves a sense of mystery, as one questions what the interpretations that linger in the translation. Prochet’s debut solo album is something to explore, and the artist herself is undoubtedly one worth following to track the possibilities her solo career has in store.

By Nathanael Hall

Nayte is a second year Journalism student living in Nashville scouring the city for unsigned acts with every moment of his spare time.

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