The Bad Plus – Made Possible album review

Jazz always puts me in a good mood. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s fun, yet it can also be soothing, and emotional. Jazz is highly underrated in today’s music. You can ask anyone from generation Z what “jazz” is and they probably won’t know what it is, as saddening as that is.

If it is anything I picked up from any of my music class I’ve ever taken, it’s that jazz was the first to revolutionize music. It’s difficult to explain this, but there is something about jazz that captures that essence of wonderment and captivates you in every single rhythm of soul.

When I was assigned to write about The Bad Plus, they sounded like a hard-core rock band. I’ve never really associated a name like that with jazz, but what’s in a name, to quote Shakespeare.

The Bad Plus is a jazz trio hailing from Minnesota. Their new album, Made Possible, is their 8th studio album. To understand a little more about their music, I listened to some of their previous studio albums and let me just say, I am shocked.  The music that this band creates is truly unexplainable. It’s bubbly, but it’s also mesmerizing.  “Pound by Pound,” and “Seven Minute Mind,” are an eclectic mix of loud and powerful piano keys, clashing cymbals, and soothing bass. They create so many different sounds it’s mind boggling, but I absolutely love it! It’s so different and angular; far more diverse than anything I have heard on the radio or produced from any band. It has so much meaning and soul, even if there aren’t any words. The music just flows; it’s so fluid.

“Re-elect That,” and “Wolf Out,” are groovy and quirky. Their music just puts a big smile on my face. I absolutely fell in love with this band. I always manage to find a fault in any artist’s music, but I could not seem to find any in The Bad Plus or in their new album. They are wonderfully brilliant and I highly encourage you readers to take a listen.

By Melissa Mendoza

I am a writer, an artist, a cook, and a young woman deeply rooted in and passionate about the environment. I am currently a student at FIU pursuing a BA in Journalism, a minor in Int'l Relations and certificates in Environmental Science and Agroecology.
When I am not writing or working on my many projects, I lead a simple life with my amazing boyfriend looking for new adventures and new stories to tell.

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