The Night of Nero

The night of Saturday October 27th brought the most festive Halloween party-goers to the Hammerstein Ballroom to become entranced in Nero’s set.  After Adventure Club’s set ended with the two beautiful singles, “Crave You” and “Need your Heart,” everyone was ready for Nero to hit the stage.

Smoke stacks filled the area with a foggy haze which was a fitting introduction considering the festive night.  The show began with heavy dubstep layered with loads of grimey beats.  Nero definitely brought their UK flavor to the US! Amongst the other songs they played from Welcome Reality, they also incorporated a remixed song by Drake, Justice’s “Stress,” and Daft Punk’s “Technologic.”

Once the first chapter of the set came to an end, Alana took the stage and opened with the beautiful single, “Promises.” Between Alana’s melodic voice and Nero’s signature sounds, the audience was captivated through the set’s entirety.

The light show was in full affect, the ballroom’s rafters were shaking, and spooky Halloween costumes took over the dance floor, which all created the perfect setting to a great night. Nero, you did it again.

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