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Two Hours Traffic – Siren Songs EP review

Ah the humble EP. This time, it’s Prince Edward Island’s Two Hours Traffic and their Siren Song EP, an uplifting example of their self-proclaimed “pop ‘n’ roll”. They’ve upped the ante since 2009’s “Territory”, an album widely considered to be a smash, a serious home run for Canadian music.

Siren Songs is anything but: the rollicking 4 tracks are a true showcase of the 3-piece’s energy. “Amour Than Amis” is like a freight train, good for hauling yourself out of bed. Liam Corcoran explained that the band tried to explore the ideas of love from multiple angles. “Audrey” is self-affirming testament to this, with the narrator saying he has love to give. “Feel Alright,” with its dominating drum line, makes a short but super sweet point, and the final track, “I Did What I Could”, takes a sharp turn into folk, and describes a simple love story, the sacrifices a man makes to better himself for his girl. Compared to the preceding 3 tracks, it’s a pared down companion but is made all the more powerful because of it.

The true grit of an EP is whether the listener searches out the band’s previous work. Let’s just say this review took a lot longer than you might expect. Two Hours Traffic are currently on a fall tour; check them out if you can.

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