Jeff Lynne – Long Wave album review

“At Last”, isn’t just track 8 on Jeff Lynne’s new album. It also sums up the feeling of anyone who’s been waiting for this album to come out, since his debut album Armchair Theatre 22 years ago in 1990. However, being somewhat of a mega-producer, super-collaborator, and star-contributor, no one has actually been kept waiting for new material from Lynne. You may remember some of his work if you’ve ever heard of the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys, consisting of Dylan, Harrison, Lynne, Orbison, and Petty. (You know its a supergroup when there is no need to list the artists’ first names.) He’s also produced and contributed to albums by a number of great artists like The Beatles, Tom Petty, and Regina Spektor.

Since this album is made up of covers, those who have been waiting around to hear some great new songs from Jeff Lynne may have to wait a ‘little’ longer (a new album is rumoured for 2013). The songs on the album are all classics ranging from the 40s to the 70s and the album, as stated by Lynne, is a tribute to the songs he listened to on the radio while growing up in the U.K.. Lynne is a brilliant producer and masterful musician and his take on these songs shows it. The album itself sounds like something from the 70s which pays great respect to the classics being covered. Rather then overly update, alter, or rewrite the songs, (which some might fear the frontman from Electric Light Orchestra to do) Lynne chose to use simple arrangements with classic instrumentation. Feeling nostalgic for some classics from the 40s? Wanting to hear some great guitar riffs from the 70s? Well, this album has it all!

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