Cuff The Duke – Union album review

From their humble beginnings 10 years ago, Cuff The Duke has gained valuable insight into the world of indie rock. Their latest, “Union” was released October 2nd, and having reviewed their debut reissue “Life Stories for Minimum Wage” just 2 weeks ago, it’s apparent that they have developed as artists in the last decade. With more bombast, they sound more confident, thanks in part to their wisdom of the business.

‘Side By Side’ featuring Basia Bulat, is a sweet duet, a frolicking track about young love. ‘Where did We Go Wrong’ is good overall, but it really comes into its own in the second half of the track. It has all the makings of a festival favourite next summer. ‘Open Your Mind’ is a clear return to stoner rock. ‘Rise Above’ has some Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers undertones, with CTD’s stamp on it. And it all ends on a banger in ‘Night After Night.’

A strong album on the whole, Union will keep longtime fans entertained, and a surefire way to boost the Canadian tour they’re currently on. If you happen to see them in your town, it’s the best way to while away a wet autumn night.

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