The Chevin – Borderland album review

Borderland is the first full-length effort from Leeds, England natives The Chevin.  After forming in 2010 and releasing their first EP “Champion” earlier this year, The Chevin are finally gaining some momentum here in the states having performed on David Letterman late August.  With the undeniable powerhouse vocals of lead singer Coyle Girelli, the first single “Drive” plays out like any other great anthem-rock song, the likes of Muse.  Driving drum beats push through the entire album, giving each song a unique rhythmic pulse that held my interest more than anything else this 10 track effort had to offer.

The entire album is lyrically simple, but effective. With vocal runs extending over long periods of melodious tones, what he is actually saying is secondary to the epic rise and fall of every chorus on every track.  The only time this album gives even the slightest moment to catch your breathe and raise your lighter, is it’s last track “So Long Summer” which gives the illusion of being a ballad only before escalating into another predictable soundtrack song.

Musically, this band is tight.  I will not deny that combined the 4 members have mastered their individual sounds, and came together to create an album that is well produced, polished, and commercial enough to keep them relevant.  But I’ve heard this band.  I’ve heard these songs.  And for someone that likes digging for just that one track that may never make it onto radio but displays a sound that is uniquely a band’s own, I failed to find one within their debut release.

iTunes has featured the band by naming song “Champion” Single Of The Week, generating a quarter of a million downloads for The Chevin.  Currently supporting The Psychedelic Furs through a US tour, the band is sure to pick up many new fans from what I would imagine to be an exceptional live show, one in which I would probably be inspired to move my feet to. I am too underwhelmed with the lack of versatility from the actual record to turn it again for yet another listen.

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