Dumbo Gets Mad Premieres New Single on Yours Truly Announces Sophomore LP

Dumbo Gets Mad Premieres New Single on Yours Truly Announces Sophomore LP

“Radical Leap”

TODAY Italian psych outfit Dumbo Gets Mad premieres their latest single “Radical Leap” on Yours Truly taken from their forthcoming sophomore effort Quantum Leap due out early next year on the very awesome Bad Panda Records. You can also watch the teaser trailer for the track above.

The project’s 2011 debut Elephants at the Door (Bad Panda Records) garnered international attention for its fresh and irresistible take on eclectic psych pop with an experimental lean. Following up the debut and splitting time between Italy and LA, the duo spent the last year writing and recording material for Quantum Leap. Enigmatic frontman said of the new collection and project:

“After two years I can say that Dumbo Gets Mad is probably something that unconsciously came out of my mind as a signal of change. I’ve always played music, it helped me since I was a little kid, to feel free and escape reality. If you come from a small city like I do, you easily feel the need to see things differently, even if just in your mind. All the inspiration had to come from my private fantasies if I wanted to explore new concepts. I found myself working on something that I had never done before. A completely different sound from what I was doing until then. I asked my girlfriend to help me and explore it, because I love the way she perceives things, and that is how it kind of started.

I must say that music itself has always been my greatest inspiration, because amongst all the arts is the one that can actually make me feel better or worse, I don’t even know how to describe the concept of art itself but in my every day life I try to transpose everything that touches me in music, and if a song can take me back to that particular moment, I know I’ve done a good job. Music uses an abstract language that can be interpreted differently. What I try to do is to decode my thoughts in harmony, and reach as many as I can, because in the end that is what every human being is proud to do. We all want to express what we think matters, music is my channel.”

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