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Jenn Grant – The Beautiful Wild album review

With an eclectic blend of piano, harp, sitar, flute and more – Jenn Grants 5th album “The Beautiful Wild” will send you winding and turning through stories of love, loss, and imagination. With Jenn’s husband, producer/musician Daniel Ledwell, the couple started recording the album in a small house in P.E.I., lying down drum and bass tracks and creating the frame work for the album to take form.

Grant started developing all 12 tracks over the next year while Ledwell embarked on his own Canadian tour. She found herself scrapping a lot of the earlier recorded skeleton tracks entirely, to follow her heart and allow the music to go in a different direction. She admits it went against her normal writing process that was responsible for every success in the 32 year old’s career previously. But she wanted to push herself away from her standard methods, and let her voice lead in creating each uniquely beautiful and heartbreaking track. Pushing herself so far out of her norm, she’s defined the production process of this record as, at times, chaotic.

The first single from the album, “In The Belly of A Dragon”, infuses her signature folk sound with undertones of a 60’s flower-power groove. The single is accompanied by a music video featuring the very pixie-like songstress frolicking around in the sand, while all smiles. The sound of the album is earthy and raw but doesn’t lose commercial appeal. Her lyrics are simple, yet haunting. And in letting her strikingly tenor voice take back seat, she utilizes the talents of David Christensen, Kinley Dowling and the Halifax Boys Honur Choir, to fill out an already impressive collection of original melodies and words.

The album closes on a very effeminate and melancholy cover of  “Eye of The Tiger” bringing closure and hope to 11 previous tracks of the thrill of falling in love and the heartbreak that comes with it. Running the gambit of human emotions, and challenging the ear with more obscure instrumentation and sound, this album left me waiting for more from Jenn Grant.

By Katie Keller

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