Ladyhawk – No Can Do album review

Veterans in the Canadian rock scene, Ladyhawk, released their third EP, “No Can Do” this month after a four-year hiatus. Ladyhawk continued with the distorted, grunge sound that has been associated with the band since their beginning in 2004, but modified the direction of the vocal tone. With a faster pace and more upbeat rhythm, “No Can Do” displays a seemingly new direction for Ladyhawk’s vibe. The band’s lead vocalist, Duffy Driediger, calls above the din of static electricity reverberating throughout the record in a high powered moan that ties a collective bow to top off the energy of “No Can Do”.

Songs such as “Evil Eye” show Ladyhawk’s progression into melodic, yet still grunge-soaked anthems with the appealing innocent allure of a softer band coupled with the driving momentum the band is known for, creating an empowering mixture of sound with an overwhelming feel reminiscent of the mid-90’s.

Drummer Ryan Peters escalates the group’s sound to a climactic level with his distinctive sound, standing out among the slight breaks in the raw, driving power that pounds from Darcy Hancock and Sean Hawryluk- Ladyhawk’s leading guitarist and bassist respectively. With the raging velocity that pours from each song, Ladyhawk have shown themselves still capable of producing the high quality energy that enthralled fans since their early beginnings.

The Vancouver based band is undoubtedly displaying their capabilities to emit powerful music with an uplifting vibe, and are surely on the verge of creating a slew of oncoming albums that will steal the hearts of many.

By Nathanael Hall

Nayte is a second year Journalism student living in Nashville scouring the city for unsigned acts with every moment of his spare time.

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