Len – It’s Easy if You Try album review

After over a decade since their last record, pop rock duo Len have released their latest album It’s Easy if You Try. The single “It’s My Neighbourhood” which pays recognition to their home town of Toronto, is a great indication they haven’t abandoned the upbeat, carefree sound that they have honed.

Having a strong bond between the two siblings Mark Costanzo (producer/vocalist) and Sharon Costanzo (vocalist/bassist) is what makes their process of creating music easy. From the beginning it’s been a way for them to create and express themselves. Mark confesses that “We didn’t really start a group. We just started making music together because that’s all we had: the family of her and myself.”

The approach Len takes has always been laid back, keeping the recording location of It Easy If You Try to their home in Barbados, a place they feel comfortable. Mark Costanzo is aware that “It has always been a laptop and a couple of microphones kind of vibe because we’ve never been a big studio kind of band.” Although some songs carry personal lyrics, at first glance listeners still receive ten tracks that are enjoyable and lightweight

Mark and Sharon Constanzo have shared that the songs on the more personal side are tracks Feels Like Home and It’s my Life, a song that recalls the ten year hiatus being the start of Mark getting “getting out of all the bullshit”

The idea of the release all started when Len got together and began to make some demos, Sharon explains “People at EMI Publishing in Toronto were adamant that we put it out, they’re so keen on it. They believe in it so much. It actually feels pretty awesome.” This is the fifth album for Len, and they don’t plan to stop for a while. During their time off, the musical sibling duo have created songs we have yet to hear that stands behind their mentality of “forgetting about trying to be cool and to have fun.”

By Paula Reid

I'm a media studies/journalism student, that lives for live music.

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