New Design excites fans for the future with new EP release

New Design is a Brampton Ontario born band that took their start in 2008. The members of Jeff Lee, Joseph Angiletta, Melissa Angiletta, and Zack Cattapan have compiled six of their songs for their EP titled Burn Out The Sky that displays great promise for their future work.

The group contacted Kenny Bridges of the band Moneen to produce their EP, which was a decision they couldn’t say at the time where it would lead them but together the collaboration formed tracks that fit perfectly together. The talent these musicians have is truly evident throughout this EP, describing their sound as having influences of early Pop-rock, and demonstrating the Post-Rock genre. The intense sounding instrumentals and vocals keep listeners constantly at attention. Burn Out the Sky starts off with NCIX having a solid melody, along with intimate singing, and a catchy chorus chanting “this is the way we and we’re not gonna change for you”, the range of pace is an aspect that keeps listeners on their toes.

The EP slows down by the third track Across The Floors Of Silent Seas but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, as mentioned before their instrumentals are nothing but disappointing. As the song gets louder the powerful guitar solo, mixed with strong drum and bass force listeners to continue to get a depiction of what they are capable of.

The band has expressed that nearing the end of EP it leans more towards the instrumental side which is clear from Omnisphere II instrumental track that without lyrics gets more eerie as it follows through. If listeners were trying to compare them to anyone before, that track brings those thoughts to a halt, for those five creative sounding minutes New Design is really represented for the uniqueness.

Throughout the four years of being a band, New Design has built a fan base that has grown with them, from dedicating countless hours to performances throughout The Greater Toronto Area. My assumption is that this EP has only encouraged excitement as their progress is without a doubt on the right path.

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