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Crash and The Coots – John Coles Park EP review

It seems like for the past few years, a disturbing amount of new music that’s come out has tended to fall into one of two categories – boring or weird (in a trying-too-hard sort of way). Listening to UK-based indie-pop band Crash and The Coots’ EP John Coles Park, however, is a breath of surprisingly pleasant fresh air. They might be weird, but it definitely doesn’t feel contrived — they’re not just being weird for the sake of being weird.

The first of four tracks, Emily (Hehe), starts with a playful bassline and a barrage of sounds cobbled together to form a rather enjoyable lo-fi dance tune. Don’t Have Any Legs adds in some funk and continues the noise confusion by bringing in midi sounds one would expect to hear in a video game. The second half of the EP consists of Brian Fury Wins! and its alternate version, which at first seems daring considering the short overall track list but, as it turns out, the two are different and separately entertaining enough to merit inclusion.

The recording has a fantastic DIY sound, with adulterated vocals that sound almost as though they were run through a telephone (a la Japanther) and a modern-post-punk quality somewhat reminiscent of Q and not U. The low-quality, slightly creepy out of focus cover art add to the package, as does the choice in physical media: John Coles Park is label Heart Throb Records’ first release, available digitally and on one of 100 limited-edition cassettes (which contain a “secret cover song” according to Heart Throb’s Tumblr).

Ultimately, the 13:13 EP is short, sweet and to the point, delightful from start to finish and definitely piques the listener’s interest. If this EP is any indication, Crash and The Coots are certainly a band to keep an eye on.

By Eva Connors

Eva is a writer/photographer currently based in Chicago. She can generally be found weaving through traffic on her bike, traversing the city for work, shows, beer or pizza.

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