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Indian Handcrafts – Civil Disobedience for Losers album review

Canadian grunge band Indian Handcrafts are comprised of Brandyn James Aikins- the drummer and contributing vocalist- and Daniel Brandon Allen- Handcraft’s guitarist and co-vocalist. With the biting power of early Mars Volta, the duo pummels through a variety of colorfully titled songs including “Centauri Teenage Riot” and “Worm in my Stomach”. Based in Southern Simcoe, Ontario, Indian Handcrafts broke out with an awe-inspiring surplus of charisma with “Civil Disobedience for Losers”.

“Bruce Lee” is at the top of the track-list for this record, and instantly sets the tone for the oncoming string of demonically dark garage metal anthems. A kung-fu movie-styled gong vibrates to open the song, fading into a raging guitar riff that barrels into the room, accompanied, shortly after, by a drum beat that rises from simple and basic beat to a complex bombardment of rhythm reigning down from the skies.

The vocals are screamed in a sort of metal duet as Aikins and Allen drive through the mind with ferocious musical styling capable of ripping the serenity of a warm day from your body and instilling the blinding rage of a trained warrior in the heart of battle. The chord progression alone is enough to leave one with a sense of awe at the dramatic energy Indian Handcrafts is able to generate so early in their career, yet the band leaves more to be imagined as they finish the album with “Lion at the Door”, dropping the song at it’s climax and leaving the listener begging for more.

Indian Handcrafts is currently on tour with Red Fang and Black Tusk, the show times and dates as well as the album are all available at

By Nathanael Hall

Nayte is a second year Journalism student living in Nashville scouring the city for unsigned acts with every moment of his spare time.

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