Gin Wigmore – Man Like That EP review

The last we heard from New Zealand songwriter, Virgnia “Gin” Wigmore, was just a little over a year ago. Back then it was sophomore release Gravel and Wine. Today it’s an EP by the moniker, Man Like That. And it’s sassy.

With just a four-song release, Wigmore provides a sucker-punch of Marlboro smoking, high-heel wearing, gun slingin’ bad-ass-itutde. No, really. Wigmore delivers a heart-felt creation balanced with angst, sensuality, and energy to boot. One second she cursing the very idea, and another, she is begging for more.

May I advise to pay special attention to final track, “Black Sheep.”  as Wigmore revels in independence, professing the woes (but really benefits) of being the bad girl. It’s fun, bubbly, but sassy for sure with its steady piano, tambourine, and high raspy vocals. Title track, “Man Like That,” tells it like it is. Suitable for any dance venue, the country-blues-like guitar riffs and pounding snares incites a little pep in your step. The lyrics are entertaining too. “He’s gonna get ya’,” Wigmore chants. Next comes the second track on the four track offering, “Kill of the Night,” and it’s charged with attitude. The squealing organs and a chorus of male voices make for an epic and spacious experience. No doubt, it is indeed energetic. Third track is “Don’t Stop,” and it’s the only track which the vocals are about wanting companionship, oddly enough. It’s somewhat less pervasive and more melodic, more emotional than the prior independence anthems on the EP. In the end, it is a solid track through and through.

My prediction is we may be hearing more from Wigmore. Man Like That is sassy, energetic and it shows sophistication. It is a different breed of pop which could easily pair with anything that associates femininity with a distinct sense of grizzly bad-assery. The unique production qualities of the four tracks are well suited for a raucous arena as well as a dingy dive. Whether or not you take a listen for yourself is none of my concern—but if you ask me if it’s worth it, my answer would be: yes. It’s no revolutionary work but it’s gritty and fun.

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