Helen Austin – Always Be a Unicorn album review

Helen Austin’s music is unlike anything I have ever listened to and this is because I have never really opened myself to music like hers. As I continue to listen and dissect her music, I notice some musical similarities to bands like Simon and Garfunkel and (I know this is a stretch) the spirited harmony of the Beatles. Helen Austin is very unique with her music and her new album Always Be a Unicorn is something comparable to a children’s book.

Always Be a Unicorn is bright, colorful, upbeat, and cheerful almost like a child’s coloring book. Seventeen tracks of pure positive energy. It’s almost unrealistic to be this positive and that’s what makes this album work in a very hilarious way. That aside, her voice is very melodic and lovely. It’s strong, pitchy, and fluid. The melody and harmony work well with the all the instrumentation incorporated. It’s truly a masterpiece because songs like, “Tree house,” “Brand New Start” and most of the other songs on her albums are ingeniously creative. It sounds very professional because she’s hitting all the right notes, plucking the right guitar strings, but it’s messy, almost like if a child compiled this album. It works very well, and I absolutely love it.  Most of her songs are highly interactive. You can definitely notice in songs like, “Only Me,” “Lovely,” and “Let it Shine.”

I’ll probably never listen to this music casually because it’s not my taste, but for all you fans out there that appreciate a great singer with creativity, Helen Austin should definitely be your first choice. She will not disappoint.

By Melissa Mendoza

I am a writer, an artist, a cook, and a young woman deeply rooted in and passionate about the environment. I am currently a student at FIU pursuing a BA in Journalism, a minor in Int'l Relations and certificates in Environmental Science and Agroecology.
When I am not writing or working on my many projects, I lead a simple life with my amazing boyfriend looking for new adventures and new stories to tell.

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