Cheval Sombre – Mad Love album review

Cheval Sombre’s newest album “Mad Love” begins with the burst of a synthetic organ through the speakers into a world of soft, delicate indie caresses. “Someplace Else” is at the top of the list, capturing the listener with a comforting melodic groove that surrounds one with a gentle rhythm ideal for a cold, dark evening of nostalgic dreams.

“Mad Love” combines a bizarre outer-space vibe with a reassuring acoustic center, pouring through ten heartfelt indie anthems that pull at one’s heartstrings, beckoning them into empathy for the narrator, dragging their hearts through the depths of his expressed emotion. With tracks such as “I Once Had a Sweetheart”, and “Walking in the Desert”, Sombre takes the audience through a displayed nostalgia over lost love and the desolation that abounds from it.

The album is one that seems to elongate time, dragging in a slow, funeral march through sadness and the feeling of a deprecated existence, emitting a mournful sound reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, without the raspy, gripping voice or depth of the lyricism. The new release stands as a monument to all that seems to engulf the music world as of late: slow, mournful acoustic melodies, obviously derivative of specific artists with little to no modification to the sound.

Those who enjoy the overwhelming repetitive, reprocessed productions of modern indie will undoubtedly enjoy “Mad Love”. With the indistinct vibrations emitted by the album, it would be difficult to like any of the replicas that are so easy to find in modern music without digging Sombre’s newest release.

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