Slam Dunk – Welcome To Miami album review

Slam Dunk is a four member band from Victoria, British Columbia, that has recently released their full length album Welcome To Miami. The album is ten tracks filled with energy that portrait the retro style these musicians clearly have a big interest in.

The first track “Can’t Stand It” jumps right out to listeners and gets them moving, making you wonder what an incredible experience seeing them live would be. Their old school sound seems as though it comes natural to Slam Dunk through the howling with loud soulful expressive vocals, and their love for incorporating the saxophone and fast piano keys.

Throughout the album, listeners will constantly hear interesting range of vocals, from the scratchiness of the lead singer, having a more intimate moment in “Dying Breed”. To a soft back up singing of their female member, all of which giving the songs more dynamic.

“Sass” is a song with lyrics “aint no calmin me down” that definitely describe this band and their work on this album, that seems like they never take a second to relax. Although their sound is from an older generation of music, there are songs such as “Why Can’t I Change?” that sound a bit more on the modern recent side as well. The contrast of those two sounds and their ability to mesh them together into one song at certain points, is how Slam Dunk is able to show what they can do. Welcome To Miami is only Slam Dunk’s sophomore piece of work, but their progress has been huge.

By Paula Reid

I'm a media studies/journalism student, that lives for live music.

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