City Calm Down – Movements EP review

The Australian band City Calm Down recently released their second EP, Movements. The album is a 6 track maze of electronic rock that navigates between upbeat tempos and melodic drones. The 4-piece hails from Melbourne and although they have yet to release a full length album, they are not new to the scene and have been performing together for a number of years.

At first the reverberations seem typical and programmed, something you might hear from an album overly produced with Garage Band. The EP has a somewhat upbeat shoe-gaze feel to it (maybe knee or thigh-gaze) but is very catchy and after a few listens you’ll be dancing along to the beats. “Stay” is a great song for intergalactic space travel, I can just imagine the stars zooming past in faster than light-speed travel, wait… scratch that, I think more appropriately I can imagine the starfield screensaver from windows 95 (or was is windows 1969?). Come to think of it this album is a great homage to old screen savers, there is definite retro-futuristic sound to the album. Track 4 “Sense of Self” would go with the 3D snaking-pipes screensaver, “Burn Slow” would be the 3D bouncing text (maybe with a depressing phrase like ‘sad clown’ or ‘woe is me’), and “Movements” would be paired with the Matrix green cascading text screensaver. I would like to say stay tuned for a hit full-length album, but I’m all out of retro screensaver ideas, so I think the band will have to come up with a new sound first.

By Chris Bretecher

I am a traveler, music écouteur, designer, and builder of things I design (see previous trait). When not traveling, I am listening to music, designing, and building things I design (see previous activity).

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