Blackie & The Oohoos – Song For Two Sisters album review

Lovely harmonies and  delicate guitar riffs exemplify the second album from the sibling duo of Loesje and Martha Maieu out of Belgium. As a Scandinavian-based group, they are refreshingly understandable, but they are not for everyone. Sweet and mysterious, like a hard-core Olof Arnalds, there were several tracks that I would have liked to hear a faster tempo. Instead, they wove a thread of dreamy vocal interludes and almost-love songs. Unfortunately, there are a few bands already in this niche genre who are aggressively pursuing fans with EP releases and crazy touring schedules.

This release  has only nine standard-length tracks and the title song is not the standout.

When Lights Fall stirs up interest with a samba beat and twin vocals and Young Running Wild Ones has striking high notes, although the organ track is a little overworked and a little on the Lawrence Welk-ish side. Most songs start out in the same key and tempo and if anything interesting is going to happen, it isn’t until the middle, so listeners who are on the fence about this group might not have the patience to wait it out.

The album closes with Misty Boys and is technically complex with a lo-fi keyboard buzz and deft bassline. The sisters speak-sing for 3:46, interlacing an understory and an appealing wistfulness.

It doesn’t feel like their best effort and since they have not toured yet, it hard to measure any creative growth, the kind that is generated by contact with concert goers and other artists. They do have a good foundation though and hopefully they can hop onto at least a European series and get some road experience behind them before they go back to the studio.

By H0ney

H0ney is an avid music lover based in the Puget Sound. She enjoys all genres, but especially likes the indie/alt/industrial styles.

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