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Blue News – Good At Falling EP review

With their EP Good At Falling, Blue News deliver blue-riffic material to an indie rock vibe.

Hailing from Indiana, singer-songwriter Brent Orndorff formed the band back in 2005 soon after the release of his self-released album Never Stop Playing. Although the lineup has varied throughout the years, the band is now also Nashville-based and, aside from Orndorff, consists of drummer Dusty Richardson. In 2007, following a new lineup and a growing fan base, the band’s project The Signs—released as The Blue News Project—was released, with two songs airing nationally via PBS that same year. In addition to national TV exposure, the band promoted their music via live club performances, college radio campaigns, and touring, leading up to 2008’s Strange Light. The band worked with celebrity producer Sylvia Massy in 2011’s Wartime Songs, with two songs appearing in the video game Rock Band 3 for XBOX 360 and PlayStation. Drawing inspiration from varied acts like Beck, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, Blue News has fashioned an eclectic sound that channels blues, alternative and post-grunge rock elements.

Good At Falling—the band’s third project and first EP—was released on July 27th, 2010 on the CD Baby label. Two tracks—“So Easy” and “You’ve Got Someone”—appeared in the video game Rock Band 2 for XBOX 360. The EP’s five tracks diffuse an indie rock sound to varying moods.

The relationship-based “You’ve Got Someone” kicks off on a semi-romantic note coupled with a cautionary undertone. Listeners dive into darker waters via the mellow social commentary that is “Safe,” as well as the complexities of a tough situation seen in “So Easy.” However, the mood is eventually uplifted through the gentle, romantic trip-down-memory-lane of “Wasted Days,” before closing off with the optimistic “Start Again.”

At once moody and uplifting, the EP manages to captivate listeners with its relatable, infectious tunes. Blue News might be good at falling, but as their EP proves, they’re also good at exploring different genres—which listeners can only hope to see more of in their prospective 2013 6th album, and beyond.

By Natacha Pavlov

Natacha Pavlov is an avid reader, writer, and traveler. Aside from eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate from her native Belgium, she can be found consuming large quantities of tea, falafel and lebneh in the lovely Bay Area.

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