Ninetails – Slept And Did Not Sleep EP review

Ninetails is a band made up of four members who have continued to work incredibly well together creating an eclectic fusion of different genres like indie and house, with moments of colourful ambient soundscapes that have resulted in the cohesive five track EP Slept And Did Not Sleep. The band has shared that their musical influences have a wide range; 90’s US indie, UK grime, downtempo indie and avant garde compositions which aren’t all demonstrated in their music.

Slept And Did Not Sleep begins with the track Maybe We, that starts slow with a supernatural feel but as soon as the guitar steps in along with drums, a melody is clearly visible. One of the reasons their label Superstar Destroyer Records took such interest in them is because of their ability to make sense out of the many sounds of chaos they create.

Body Clock is the next track on the EP that dives right into a set of vocals, singing “woke up inside a frozen dream, I tried to scream but my vocal chords couldn’t hear my brain” and a faster pace. Ninetails vocals help strongly to create their unique music, the background singing that carries throughout the first half of this song really demonstrate the tight sound listeners were first introduced to on their debut EP in 2011. The later part of the song, breaks down to a nearly silent experimentation which flows perfectly into Rawdon Fever. A super fun track with a post rock sound that subtly incorporates their influences.

Before Slept And Did Not Sleep comes to an end the second last track is Boxed in, with a different take on the eerie sense Maybe We gave, and carries all the way through. Boxed in seems like a relaxing ambient break from the previous track as it dissolves into Mama Aniseed, the final song. This chaotic track contains the most lyrics out of the five and is a great ending demonstrating the talent this band consists of.

The attention around Ninetails was created pretty much effortlessly, but from this EP Slept And Did Not Sleep, it is all well deserved. The members know how to work to create a clean distinct sound through experimentation, sampling and pleasing melodies. Hopefully their positively received creativity can encourage more and more music to be released in the up coming new year.

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