Go Tell The Eskimo – Smoke Signals EP review

Go Tell The Eskimo revels in danceable beauty. The U.K. indie pop group is brand new and seems very intent on promoting Smoke Signals, its debut, three song e.p. Based on the selections offered, they have a lot of potential. Championed by Spain’s Dj Hal 9000 and receiving airplay on BBC, this band is definitely poised to make some waves in 2013.

Just under nine minutes long, the e.p. contains a lot of music. The songs themselves are rife with a melodic sensibility that gives the impression of approaching songwriting as a vehicle for an expressive vocal sonority. The band part of the songwriting feels arranged to support the singing. The songs are tightly structured, with solid connecting passages developing the material nicely between verses.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this groups approach to music making is the implied balance between an accessible sensibility and a more ‘musicianly’ one. In one sense, there is nothing in the song writing that would be considered as avant garde or boundary pushing, but at the same time there is a sense that some real thought was put into how the music would actually sound. The songs are compelling and danceable. You want to listen to them while jumping around.

The first track sets the tone for the rest of the e.p., and the next two songs carry the same feeling to a nicely logical conclusion. Along the way a lot of subtle nuances make themselves felt, and it’s these subtle nuances that allow the songs to truly deliver.

By Paul Paradis

Paul is a musician, writer, and teacher living in Tacoma. When not engaged in the endless task of raising his six year old whirling dervish James Sparhawk, he spends his time creating music, pursuing a bachelor's, working out, and living. He is originally from the east coast: Worcester, Mass. born, and Providence, RI bred. Having traveled around some, the Pacific Northwest tends to feel more and more like home with each passing day, Very similar to New England in some ways, but different in a way that is refreshing. Rock on.

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