The Paellas – Long Night Is Gone album review


I will admit that I went through something of a goth phase.  Not lace gloves or eyeliner or anything.  I’ve always looked like your average moderately chubby middle American dude.  But this dude had a lotta Sisters of Mercy going on in his truck driving home from Walmart.  Or, at least, did for a short time.  Eventually, of course, I went back to more redneck appropriate fodder.

This record screamed goth at me.  It was a little weirdly happy and uptempo, or at least as happy and uptempo as goth can get.  Which was kind of cool because goth has spent far too much time flirting with metal and 95% of the stuff that has come out of that tryst is crap, crap, crap.  Given that track record of failure I think uptempo garage rock goth is an interesting avenue to follow.

It wasn’t until listening to the record a few times that I finally checked the band out on the old Internets.  Turns out they’re a  Japanese crew that thought themselves surf rock indie popsters.  Surf!  Of course!  There’s some Dick Dale in that there goth, boy.  Both sounds share that same reverb treble sound and it’s just like those adorable Japanese to confuse two Western things in a way that creates something new.

It also explains my biggest complaint with the record, the vocals.  They are monotone, echo laden and very low in the mix.  All of which annoyed the hell outta me.  Also, all of which are the kind of tricks I’d pull if I was trying to sing in a foreign language and knew I had a heavy accent.  Personally, I would have preferred confident Japanese vocals rather than muddled English ones.  But, of course, English vocals are more commercially acceptable worldwide and as an unrepentant capitalist I cannot really criticize someone for making the more saleable choice.

I can’t really recommend this album.  It is deeply flawed in both production values and songwriting.  But I think they just might have something here.  I will be happy to check out the follow up.

By A. D. Terbush

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