Fableglass – Fableglass album review

There is a band in Quebec City, Canada named Fableglass that recently released their self-titled debut album. For the majority of music listeners and people with ears this is news, since Fableglass is so far under the radar that their instruments just figured out they were in a band. However, obscurity isn’t always a bad thing and in this case it really just means that they need some more time to be heard. Their musical style is akin to Dashboard Confessional but with male/female vocals and this unfortunately means that their fan base is likely situated mostly in high school with some mid-life, adult-contemporary listeners tagging along.

The album keeps a good tempo from beginning to end, and most of the songs are quite catchy. There is a definite recipe to their songs which at times is a hindrance since no tracks really end up standing out as great singles from the album. The band seems a little shy to breakout from their emo formula, which is too bad considering their great vocal harmony and high-energy that easily comes through their songs.

As a debut album from a small group this will hopefully become a mere bump on their road to success.

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