Run with the Kittens – Letters From Camp album review

Radiating with raw power and surfing through the air on a sound wave surging from distorted, rhythmic, tantalizing reverberations, Run With The Kittens destroys the onslaught of easily processed modern pop with new release “Letters From Camp”. As soon as “Weight of the World”, the album’s opening track, begins, the listener is shot into a separate dimension of invigorating sound, ripping through everything you’ve heard from this year’s artists.

“Life Inside a Chocolate House” begins next with a stereo-type muted intro that quickly evolves into a jungle of raging guitar riffs. With angrily shouted- or moaned, rather- vocals rising above the chaos of the stimulating electric instrumentals, Run With The Kittens portrays a down-tuned take on a world of desolate masochism.

Dig the frightening switch to alternate realities with “How Hardcore is Your Manticore?”, as the morphed voice of Nate Milk rumbles over a bizarre collaboration of downward spiraling synthesized melody taking one to the basement of the Toronto-based band’s sound.

With songs that turn from ecstasy-inducing to terrifying beyond belief in a matter of moments, Run With The Kittens have created a masterpiece of destructive, rockabilly sound with “Letters From Camp”. The album can be bought on iTunes or the band’s website

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