Wool on Wolves – Measures of Progress album review

The Canadian indie-folk-rock band, Wool on Wolves, is back and ready for more with their new album Measures of Progress.  Not much has changed about this band when compared to their previous albums and this is great! Consistency is what creates chemistry in a band. Wool on Wolves has a great sound. Lead singer, Thomas Reikie has a way of singing into the mic and mesmerizing his audience. His voice his soothing, yet powerful in the way he expresses his lyrics. The intonation of the guitar in Midnight Avenue gives me goose bumps! The drums, the guitar, and the vocals are in perfect sync with one another. They even go a bit jazzy-pop with their songs in this album. Francis! Has a perfect mix of trumpets and guitars that gives their music that spirited feel despite being indie-folk.

However, the unique thing about this band is that not only do they have “pop” songs uncharacteristic of indie-folk music, they also have mellow-tone songs like Unsuspecting Ways, There is a Love, There is a Life, and Darkest Hour. Thomas’ voice is passionate and is what really ties this album together nicely.

Rarely, do you see an indie-folk band that can have this type of sound and pull together nicely. Wool on Wolves has never disappointed with any of their albums. They are fun and great for casual listening. Measure of Progress is great because it ties these elements perfectly and really captures the bands soul.

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