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Woodpigeon – Red Rover Red Rover video

Woodpigeon, aka songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton, premiered the video for the album track “Red Rover Red Rover” today off their fifth full-length record, Thumbtacks and Glue, which arrived in stores this week on Boompa. Woodpigeon continues to refine and expand upon his sound with Thumbtacks and Glue, recorded in Calgary, Alberta with producer Arran Fisher and mastered by Ryan Morey. Known for his stunning and heart-wrenching orchestral pop, Thumbtacks and Glue shows off Hamilton at his most diverse, from the crunching guitar of “Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard” and the pure pop of “As Read In The Pine Bluff Commercial” to the delicacy of “Little Wings” and the bitter sting of “Robin Song”. This is the sound of a songwriter just hitting his stride.

Praise for Thumbtacks and Glue:

“Hamilton writes very nice folk rock songs, the way a 1000 songwriters do, but he, unlike most of his competition, also wires them with dynamite and blows them sky high.” – BLURT, 8 out of 10

“sumptuous, harmony-heavy orchestral pop.” – UNCUT, 7 out of 10

“On Thumbtacks and Glue, Hamilton may finally gain an audience beyond the indie folk ghetto.” – NOW, 4 out of 5

“Thumbtacks and Glue packs more musicianship and ingenuity than your average modern-day folk artist might deliver.” – The Grid TO, 8 out of 10

“immaculate and endearing music.” – The Line of Best Fit, 8 out of 10

“a broader, more electrified sonic palate that’s unafraid to let some edges fray” – Chromewaves

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