Data Romance – Other album review

With a mix of seductive vocals and intense lyrics perfectly layered in between slick beats and countless instrumentals, Vancouver’s electro-indie duo Data Romance have stormed the scene with their first full length album. Released from Street Quality Entertainment & Dine Alone Records, Other is a satisfying change of pace from the party rock anthems and billowing folk rock tracks currently gracing the airwaves.

Simply put, this is an exceptional and refreshing piece of work. Crafted by the duo consisting of Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer Ajay Bhattacharyya and Vocalist/Lyricist Amy Kirkpatrick, the mature and dynamic follow up to their self-titled EP is a sweet feast of electronic deliciousness.

Other is a delightfully minimalist take on modern electronic music. From the first listen, their sound is heavily inspired by Radiohead, and is reminiscent of The XX and Bat for Lashes. The production quality is spot on and creates a vibe that seems to be beyond it’s years.

This album gets better with each play. At first, it requires concentrated, conscious listening but with the volume turned way up, I’m captivated even more. It becomes clear that I’m on a journey so stirring that it almost feels spiritual. It feels like being on a ride that you don’t want to get off of.

Other paints a musically psychedelic picture of longing and desperation, with lyrics to match. The haunting and hypnotizing journey begins with “Caves”, where Amy’s seductive vocals are quickly brought to life and given a sense of urgency with Ajay’s instrumental magic that sets the mood for the rest of the album.

The most enchanting song is the track titled “Cargo”. The reserved, sweet, and soft ambiance combined with the lyrics “let me hold, some of the weight for you, let me hold, until my arms go” solidifies the album’s emotionally-charged tone. Right after “Cargo”, the intensity changes with the catchy groove “Can’t Keep Your Mind Off” and the momentum picks up to lead us through the rest of the album.

The pure talent is showcased in the song “Guard” which rounds out the whole album. Taken literally, the line “when you’re sick of the old, and you want in the new” is exactly how I feel about Data Romance. It’s new, fresh, and has potential to be the modern pop ballads of the future. Be on the lookout for this duo to hit the tour circuit this year, they will not disappoint.

By Jennifer Costantino

Jennifer is a NYC-based freelance writer who is obsessed with music - especially indie, rock & alternative. In her free time, you can find her taking classes at Purchase College, trying to master the electric guitar, and enjoying delicious craft beers.

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