STRFKR – Miracle Mile album review

I remember now, quite vividly, my first experience with STRFKR. Back then it was a rainy Portland NYE night and their name was explicitly Starfucker (with every crude vowel blaring on marquees). Although the venue was small and the acoustics were that of any standard cafe, the show was amazing. The crowd, seemingly unaware of STRFKR’s charm, was easily wooed by the sways and stomps of the jams from their self-titled debut album, Starfucker. And when balloons dropped from the ceiling at the stroke of midnight the deed was done and room full of music listeners unanimously became a room full of STRFKR fans.

Not much has changed since the ushering in of 2008. Four years later, STRFKR remains a solid act, they have several recordings under their belt, and their reputation is still growing. The only thing that has changed since ’08 is the fact that the group has no doubt made a name for themselves as a force at the forefront of the indie synth-pop wave. In 2013, the album is Miracle Mile (released February 19 via Polyvinyl Records) and, boy, is it downright decent.

Before you spin the album in its entirety or if you are the type of listener that needs a little taste before eating the whole pie, keep your best ear open to a few tracks in specific. In no particular order: firstly, might I suggest dipping your toe with track ten, “Atlantis.” Arguably the most approachable song on Miracle Mile, “Atlantis” is a smooth jam-track which not only displays the talent of the electric quartet but serves as an easy sing-along. It’s anthem-like pulse stimulates the fist pump in all of us. Secondly, “Malmo” is a song worth certain consideration. Driven by a sassy bass line, it becomes increasingly danceable with every new listen.  Lastly, the album opener, “While I’m Alive,” is instantly appropriate for most situations but is best served with a dancefloor and a slew of energetic music fans.

Don’t stop there! Rest assured, Miracle Mile is not a three-trick pony. The album, in its entirety, is a force to be reckoned with and STRFKR will no doubt see there name in lights for time to come. This album has enough energy to stand on its own but in a live setting it is unknown how awesome Miracle Mile can be.  My guess is that its performance will break the scale.

By Dylan Summers

Dylan is a young writer whose passion lies in all aspects of musicality. He is a lover of all types of music culture, plays music for the good feelings, and writes in Seattle.

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