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Justin Hines releases How We Fly on May 14th

In 2012 Justin Hines felt for the very first time that his career may be coming to an end due to health issues. Justin says, “I found myself really struggling to sing with full strength. It was intensely painful as the effects of the scoliosis was creating new physical obstacles and new obstructions to my lungs making it difficult to have the air to control my singing. There were several misdiagnosis’s surrounding my condition.” Worry and concern spread amongst his family and friends. Would he have to admit defeat? Not once the Justin Hines we all know decided to rally!

Justin set his sights on rising above his most recent setbacks and decided to embrace 2013 with a sense of rebirth. That rebirth comes in the form of his fourth studio album, How We Fly, which will be released through Orange Lounge Recordings (via Universal distribution) on May 14th. The album features 11 original songs and will also be available in limited edition coloured vinyl, CD, online and limited edition illustrated picture book. His fans will quickly discover an exciting new sound from Justin. Early listeners of his new music have been surprised and impressed by the raspy, deeper vocals and, at times, a darker shift in lyrical content. “I am thrilled and relieved that people are responding so positively to the new sound. Singing used to come so easy to me; no warm ups were needed. I am still grateful for my voice even if it now requires much more effort and adjustment in order to be heard,” says Justin.

Justin points to two songs in particular that embody his new reality. The albums opener Maybe When The Morning Comes reveals a different style of songwriting, complete with unusual chord changes and lyrics which tend to ask more questions than deliver answers. If We’re Wrong, the sixth track off the album is insightful. “I found myself pondering whether I could even sing anymore, internally brooding about the capacity in oneself to tackle life’s relentless challenges including my stature in the music world itself.”

With the experience of signing to a U.S major label under his belt, a slew of positive reviews for his last album, Days to Recall, a massive PBS television special (which aired in North America over 400 times) and a guest slot on CBS Sunday Morning, Justin is excited and confident about the future.

Tracklisting for How We Fly

1. Maybe When The Morning Comes

2. Lay My Burdens Down

3. We The People (feat. Sierra Noble)

4. How We Fly

5. Don’t Mean Nothing

6. If We’re Wrong

7. Man On The Stand

8. Love You That Way

9. Please Stay (feat. Damhnait Doyle)

10. Forty Shades of Blue

11. In My Quiet Hour

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