Sonolgyst & Dariusz Michalak- Bandcamp review

Sonologyst exists at the far end of the musical spectrum, at the point just before total aural breakdown. What is most interesting about the music contained within the overarching aesthetic is the fact that philosophical notions are raised relating to the nature of music.

This type of sonic production is closer to painting than traditional musical composition. We are not dealing with the development of a melodic line and the balance of harmonic progressions within a rhythmic matrix, but instead are forced to consider notions of texture, density, color and sound mass. The end result sounds at times like the ebb and flow of a group of clouds coursing through the sky, and sometimes like the production of some kind of cyborg.

Architecture is another field of endeavor that produces concepts applicable to the type of sound creation engaged in here. Sound masses are erected, one against the other, until a very three dimensional aural space is produced.

The inclusion of Polish percussionist Dariusz Michalak creates an interesting counterpart to the wonderfully formless ambient. His ritualized-yet-spontaneous flow of rhythmic attacks create a sort of fractured, electronic concerto effect, if you can imagine Sonologyst as the symphony and Dariusz as the solo instrument, bravely staking his ground in an act of very human self-definition.

The contrast between the two musicians is more explicitly noted when perusing the Sonolgyst tracks. The solo tracks are ever more alien and remote, yet suffused with a certain kind of eerie beauty. The inclusion of Dariusz brings that human element into play, which stokes the possibility of actual engagement. While this music is definitely not for the strictly mainstream listeners out there, those of you that revel in the possibilities of the unknown will find much to keep you busy.

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