Makthaverskan – Makthaverskan II album review

The first thing you will notice about this band is that the female lead singer has some pipes on her. The music is a basement band brawl of loud, head-banging, jump-around fun. I could not uncover much on the history of the band, as this is only their second album, and most of the information is not in English. 

While the lead singer has some impressive lungs, the band as a whole is rather lacking. It seems like the kind of thing your little brother’s high school band would throw together. Makthaverskan II shows some slight improvement over Makthaverskan the first, but the core elements are identical. There was not much, if any, musical innovation in their first album, but instead of trying to grow, Makthaverskan did a repeat. Every song tries to be an epic rock anthem. It’s all on the same level. That being said, their new single “Asleep,” is very good. It says everything you will need to know about Makthaverskan. Simple rock songs that let the singer shine. However, it seems doubtful that given the knowledge that every song is somewhat like or identical to “Asleep,” that one would feel the need to listen to the entire album. I found myself getting bored within each song, skipping around the tracks like a busy Chinese restaurant menu. 

There’s nothing wrong or bad about Makthaverskan. There’s just nothing really interesting. There aren’t those moments where you stop and think, “Okay, I’ve never heard that move before.” They played it safe in their debut album, which is fine. It’s unoriginal, but in a comforting way. They can tip their caps to their musical favorites of past. (You will probably find some early U2 in their iTunes playlists) However, by doing the exact same simple safe-playing in their second album it calls to question whether these kids will come out with a third. 

By Eric Wong

Eric is a writer from San Francisco. Being Asian, he was forcibly inducted into classical music and choirs at a young age. So clearly, he knows what he's talking about.

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